Bill Number: SF615
Title: Standings Budget

Budget for unassigned standings (automatic appropriations that are in law) for FY 2022, which beings on July 1, 2021.  Spends a total of $3.99 billion, which is $27.3 million below what is in law.  The reductions are made in AEA funding ($15 million), nonpublic school transportation ($1.9 million), and instructional support ($14.8 million, but local schools can make up the difference with their property taxes).  All other standings are as required by law, including special olympics ($100,000) and all property tax credits.  Adds new appropriation for WorkDay system that was not eligible for federal COVID-19 relief funds ($23.2 million) and the Public Defender ($200,000). CORRECTIONS: Makes minor corrections to a number of bills that have already passed, including the Election Bill (SF 413), Rent Reimbursement (HF 368), Pheasant Preserve Variance (HF 747), Firearms Omnibus (HF 756), Crime Vicim Assistance (HF 426), Pass Through entity (HF 608), child care assistance (HF 302), amusement park rides (HF 558) and Broadband (HF 848). EMS CHANGES: Allows a county to deem EMS as an essential county purpose after the majority of the board of supervisors votes twice on the resolution, and permits an initial levy of up to 75 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. Requires coordination with local EMS agencies to set up an EMS System Advisory Council to research and assess needs and guide service implementation.  Requires 60% approval for tax and requires 11 most populous counties to reauthorize tax every 10 years (15 years for all others). Allows an EMS district to authorize an additional levy if the initial approved levy is not sufficient to provide services, and if authorized in an election after the initial election. Also permits a city or county to use a local option sales tax for EMS.  EMS TRAINING: Allows an ambulance service or other non-transport service to deliver EMS training if authorized to do so by the Department of Public Health (currently only hospitals and colleges conduct recognized training), effective upon enactment. OTHER CHANGES:  Requires counties to reimburse funeral directors for "other associated fees" incurred when transporting a body (not just mileage). Conforms gambling employee minimum wage to federal law (25% above federal minimum wage level in effect on 12/31/20).  Allows Iowa's Chief Information Officer to hire its own chief financial officer, instead of using the Department of Administrative Services. Takes effect 7/1/21.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 6/9 - Signed by Governor
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Last Modified: 06/09/2021