Bill Number: HF860
Title: Agriculture/Natural Resources Budget

Appropriates a total of $48.8 million from the general fund and $92.8 million from other funds ($6 million overall decrease) to agricultural and natural resources programs for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2021 (FY 2022). NO CHANGE: Level funding for Hungry Canyons ($540,000) and Loess Hills Alliance ($40,000), but the source of funds is now split between general fund ($400,000) and soil & water conservation cost share fund ($140,000), with funds not reverting if unspent at the end of fiscal year.  No change in funding for Water Quality Initiative ($5,375,000), state park operations ($6,235,000), Southern Iowa Development & Conservation Fund ($250,000), conservation reserve ($900,000), conservation reserve enhancement ($1 million), watershed protection ($900,000) and REAP ($12 million). INCREASES: Adds $3 million for soil and water conservation ($16.5 million). DECREASES: Eliminates funding for agricultural drainage wells ($1.875 million). NEW:  Creates a new $5 million standing appropriation for the new Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program and $500,000 value-added agriculture grants.  OTHER: Direct DNR study availability of parking in state parks during peak use periods (due 12/10/21).  Extends REAP through FY 2026. Extends $15 million standing infrastructure (RIIF) appropriation for water quality infrastructure for an additional ten years (7/30/2039). 

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 5/6 - Passed House (54-36) 5/17 - Passed Senate with amendment (28-17) 5/18 - Passed House as amended (54-36) 6/2 - Signed


Last Modified: 06/09/2021