Bill Number: HF861
Title: Justice Systems Budget

Appropriates $620.3 million (increase of $35.2 million) for the state's justice system for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021 (FY 2022).  NO CHANGE:  Level funding for victim services ($5,016,708 plus $150,000 from Victim Compensation Fund) and a grant for juvenile delinquency deterrence in area with higher-than-average juvenile crime ($140,000).  Retains intent language for drug courts in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th & 7th correctional districts.  INCREASES: Increases funding for salaries in Attorney General's Office ($354,970), Civil Rights Commission ($65,819), community-based corrections ($2,858,107), corrections/prisons ($8,075,310), law enforcement academy ($241,835), criminal & juvenile justice planning division ($61,969), public defender and indigent defense ($2,538,664, including funds to hire ten new defenders), state patrol ($2,890,316), and public safety/crime lab ($4.1 million)NEW: Adds new $663,219 appropriation for a new pilot Re-entry Program to expand treatment capacity in two correctional districts (funds up to nine counselors), $47,325 to the Human Trafficking Office to implement hotel worker training ($197,325 total), and $400,000 for a governance and levee district study (Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management). OTHER: Extends standing appropriation for Older Iowans Consumer Fraud (increasing the appropriation by $50,000 - for total of $125,000) and adjusts indigent defense funding to reflect $500,000 designated for sign language interpreters as required for HF 707. Increases the hourly rates for court-appointed counsel by $3.00 for each case type. Establishes a Cyber-Crime Bureau within the Department of Public Safety/Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and extends a peace officer's jurisdiction when investigating cyber-crime.  Extends health insurance coverage to the surviving spouse and children of a correctional officer killed in the line of duty and establishes a Corrections Survivors Benefits Fund to assist surviving families of correctional workers who are killed in the line of duty. You can see the final nonpartisan fiscal staff review of this budget at: Takes effect 7/1/21.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 5/17 - Passed House (53-36) 5/18 - Passed Senate (47-0) 6/8 - Signed by Governor
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Last Modified: 06/08/2021