Bill Number: HF756
Title: Permitless Carry/Guns

Eliminates requirement that a person get a permit to carry a weapon (they will only have to get the initial permit to purchase it, have an existing permit to carry, or go through an instant federal criminal background check). This does not apply to people under age 21 (unless required to carry by job) or someone whose rights have been removed. Updates gun transfer protocols to only require a person know or "reasonably should know" the person can carry a weapon (and prohibits loaning or renting a weapon to someone that is not supposed to own/carry, punishable by D felony).  No longer requires a person to show their permit to enter the State Capitol or state offices with a gun.  Updates language of "going armed with dangerous weapon" to only include incidents where that weapon was used in the commission of a crime (carrying alone is not a crime). Allows reserve law officers to be present on school grounds with a gun. Allows EMTs to get a professional permit to carry if attached to a law enforcement tactical team.  Allows the addition of other organizations' handgun safety training to count toward requirement to purchase a gun. Bans local governments from restricting carrying of firearms and firearm attachments (if otherwise legal). Shields landlords from lawsuits arising from a tenant's use of a firearm and states that the storage of a firearm on premises does not constitute a dangerous situation, and makes firearm bans on rental property unenforceable. Takes effect July 1, 2021.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 3/2 - Passed House Public Safety Committee (12-8, 1 absent) 3/17 - Passed House (60-37) 3/22 - Passed Senate (31-17) 4/2 - Signed by Governor


Last Modified: 04/02/2021