Bill Number: HF868
Title: Education Budget

Appropriates $972.4 million ($26.4 million increase) from the general fund for educational programs, and an additional $43 million from the Skilled Worker & Job Creation Fund for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021 (FY 2022). INCREASES:  Department of Blind by $528,723 (including funding for another Independent Living teacher); Health Care Professional Recruitment Program by $100,000 to expand the program beyond DMU ($500,973); Rural Primary Care Loan Repayment by $300,000 ($1,724,502); Future Ready Iowa Last Dollar Scholar by $10 million ($23,004,744); Tuition Grants by $1,192,587 ($48.9 million); Early Childhood Iowa (school ready grants) by $544,000 ($23,206,799); Jobs for America's Graduates by $2 million ($4,666,188); Reading Research Center by $250,000 ($1.5 million); AEA children's mental heath training by $1.1 million ($3.1 million); community colleges by $6.5 million ($215.2 million); vocational rehabilitation by $300,000 to increase federal match ($5,996,328); Iowa School for the Deaf by $252,868 ($10.8 million); and education services for blind and visually impaired by $106,427 ($4.5 million). NO CHANGE: Level funding for Health Care Loan Repayment Program ($250,000), State Library ($2,532,594), Enrich Iowa/Libraries ($2,464,823), Best Buddies Iowa ($25,000), Child Health Specialty Clinics ($634,502), Independent Living ($84,823), Centers for Independent Living ($86,457), and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities ($138,506). No change in allocations for Skilled Workforce Fund for adult literacy ($5.5 million), ACE infrastructure ($6 million), PACE regional sectors ($5 million), gap tuition assistance ($2 million), work-based networks ($1.5 million), and outcome reporting ($200,000). NEW FUNDING: Adds new funds after the passage of legislation last year for the therapeutic classroom incentives ($1,626,075), classroom environment training ($500,000), and therapeutic classrooom transportation ($500,000).  REPORTING/STUDIES: Requires Board of Regents to submit quarterly financial reporting to Legislature, with final quarterly report to include five-year graduation rates for Regents' universities. Requires the Department of Education, in collaboration with the statewide not-for-profit health care organization receiving moneys for the children's grief and loss rural pilot program, to report on the use of the funds by September 30, 2022. Requests the Legislative Council to establish an interim study committee to look at the Board of Regents administrative costs, staffing allocations and levels, and the graduation and student retention rates for each academic program at each state university. Directs a task force to be convened by the Director of the Department of Education in consultation with Jobs for America's Graduates (iJAG) to address growing a diverse preK-12 teacher base. CODE CHANGES: Adds surviving stepchildren of public safety officers and the surviving children and stepchildren of Department of Corrections or Community-Based Corrections employees killed in the line of duty to the second priority list for the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship Program. Directs the Department of Education (DE) to develop and distribute to school districts standards of practice for equity coordinators employed by school districts and a training program on First Amendment free speech, and requires school boards to provide training on First Amendment free speech to any equity coordinator employed by the school district. Requires the Department of Education (DE) to develop and make available on its internet site general guidance for parents, guardians, and community members who have concerns about school districts or school governing boards.  Requires a school board to place an item on the agenda of the next regular meeting or on the agenda of a school board meeting held within 30 days of receipt of a petition filed that is signed by at least 10% of the persons who voted in the last school board election or 500 eligible electors (whichever is less). If the petition is related to curriculum, the school district may stop using the instructional materials until the public hearing is held and a decision is made (the meeting notice will include a brief description of the proposal). You can see the final non-partisan fiscal staff review of this budget at: Takes effect 7/1/21.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 5/6 - Passed House (51-38) 5/18 - Passed Senate with amendment (28-17) 5/18 - Passed House (54-35) 6/8 - Signed by Governor


Last Modified: 06/08/2021