Bill Number: HF802
Title: Racism/Sexism Trainings

Prohibits any public agency (including schools, universities, government) and non-public college or university from conducting mandatory trainings on racism, sexism, or diversity and inclusion in ways that teach, promote, advocate or promote stereotyping, scapegoating, or prejudice toward a demographic group or identity (but they can answer questions from participants in the training about these things). Prohibits these trainings from talking about "specific defined concepts,' a term that was changed from the "divisive topics" used in earlier versions of the bill. Requires all public agencies to prohibit its employees from discriminating against people protected under the Civil Rights Act.  The bill says that this law does not create a cause of action against the state; prevent the courts from ordering training upon a finding of discrimination; prohibit the use of curriculum to discuss slavery, sexism, racial segregation, racial discrimination, and racial oppression. "Scapegoating" is defined as assigning fault, blame or bias to a race/sex based on that race/sex, including claims of conscious and unconscious bias, or claiming that a race/sex is inherently biased or sexist. "Specific Defined Concepts" is defined as expressing racial superiority, stating the US is inherently racist or sexist, person's race means they have bias either conscious or unconscious, race-based discrimination, morality is determined by race, individuals bear responsibility for past actions of other members of that race, individuals should feel discomfort/anguish because of their race, hard work ethics and meritocracy are racist and sexist, and anything else that scapegoats. Otherwise respectful training allowed (but this is not to be construed to violate free speech). Universities/Colleges: Does not apply these restrictions to curriculum, only mandatory training.  K-12 Schools: Applies these concepts to both mandatory training and curricula, but goes on to say that it is not intended to prohibit the use of curriculum on the topics of sexism, racism, racial discrimination, racial segregation, and racial oppression. Waives unfunded mandate laws.  Takes effect 7/1/21.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 3/16 - Passed House (59-38) 3/30 - Passed Senate Education Committee (8-5, 2 absent) 4/28 - Passed Senate with amendment (30-18 5/6 - Passed House as amended (53-35) 6/8 - Signed by Governor


Last Modified: 06/08/2021