Bill Number: SF562
Title: Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Expands sexual exploitation of a counselor/therapist/school employee to include adults receiving compensation for providing training or instruction to a minor outside of a school. Adult for this crime is defined as someone who is at least 18 years old and is four or more years older than the minor receiving training/instruction.  Sexual exploitation occurs when the adult has a "pattern, practice or scheme" of sexual conduct with the minor (defined as kissing; touching clothed or unclothed genitals, breast, groin, buttock, anus, pubes, inner thigh; sex acts).  Eliminates the current criminal statute of limitations for sex abuse first, second and third; incest; sexual exploitation by a counselor/therapist/school employee/adult providing training or instruction to a minor; human trafficking; lascivious acts with a child; assault with intent to commit sexual abuse; indecent contact with a child; lascivious conduct with a minor; sexual misconduct with a juvenile; child endangerment; and sexual exploitation of a minor.  The elimination of the criminal statute of limitations is effective 5/12/2021; the remainder of the bill is effective 7/1/2021.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 3/3 - Passed Senate Judiciary Committee (9-5, 1 absent) 3/17 - Passed Senate (37-10) 4/1 - Passed House Judiciary Committee (14-4, 3 absent) 4/13 - Passed House with amendment (91-0) 4/12 - Passed House with amendment (91-0) 4/28 - Passed Senate, second time as amendment, with additional amendment (48-0) 4/28 - Passed House as amended (84-2)) 5/12 - Signed by Governor
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Last Modified: 05/27/2021