Bill Number: SF600
Title: Infrastructure/RIIF Budget (Senate Version)

Splits gaming revenues between four pots: Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) $91.2 million, Technology Reinvestment Fund (TRF) $31.7 million, new autism support fund ($750,000), and sports wagering receipts fund ($1.5 million).

Differences with House Bill (HF862): Maintains existing $3 million renewable fuels program, $500,000 for regional sports authorities, $500,000 for nursing facility improvements, $8.6 million for lake restoration/dredging/water quality projects, $1 million state park infrastructure, $1 million for recreational trails, $500,000 for public transit, and $1 million for commercial and $650,000 for general aviation airports. Adds new funding for ChildServe building expansion ($750,000) from the autism support fund and new funding for a sports tourism program ($1.5 million) from the sports wagering fund (expanded to include marketing of professional sporting events).

Status: Senate Floor
Tracking Only


Last Modified: 04/17/2021