Bill Number: SF596
Title: Education Appropriations (Senate Version)

INCREASES: Adds funding for Department of Blind by $265,000; Rural Primary Care Loan Repayment by $100,000 ($350,000); Future Ready Iowa Last Dollar Scholar by $5 million ($18,004,744); Tuition Grants by $1 million ($48.7 million); Early Childhood Iowa (school ready grants) by $544,000 ($23,206,799); Jobs for America's Graduates by $2 million ($4.7 million); Reading Research Center by $250,000 ($1.5 million); AEA children's mental heath training by $1 million ($3.1 million); community colleges by $6.5 million ($215.2 million); vocational rehabilitation by $300,000 to increase federal match ($5,996,328); Iowa School for the Deaf by $242,332 ($10.8 million); and education services for blind and visually impaired by $101,993 ($4.5 million). ISU Extension by $300,000 ($18.3 million), and Board of Regents general increase of $8,212,575.  Adds new $3 million appropriation for Student First Scholarships (housing vouchers proposed by Governor).

NO CHANGE: Level funding for Health Care Loan Repayment Program ($250,000), DMU Health Care Professional Recruitment Program ($400,973), State Library ($2,532,594), Enrich Iowa/Libraries ($2,464,823), Best Buddies Iowa ($25,000), Independent Living ($84,823), Centers for Independent Living ($86,457), and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities ($138,506). No change in allocations for Skilled Workforce Fund for adult literacy ($5.5 million), ACE infrastructure ($6 million), PACE regional sectors ($5 million), gap tuition assistance ($2 million), work-based networks ($1.5 million), and outcome reporting ($200,000). NEW FUNDING: Adds new funds after the passage of legislation last year for the therapeutic classroom incentives ($1,626,075), classroom environment training ($500,000), and therapeutic classrooom transportation ($500,000).

Status: Senate Floor
Recent Action: 4/12 - Passed Senate Appropriations Committee (11-8, 2 absent)
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Last Modified: 04/15/2021