Bill Number: HF862
Title: Infrastructure/RIFF Budget (House Version)

Splits gaming revenues between two pots: Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) $90.2 million & Technology Reinvestment Fund (TRF) $31.7 million.  Suspends $17.5 million appropriation to TRF and replaces it with $35 million from the state general fund.  NO CHANGE in funding for Water Quality Initiative ($5.2 million); Great Places ($1 million); Strengthening Communities Grants/YMCA ($250,000); Community Attractions & Tourism ($5 million); housing trust fund ($3 million); county fairs ($1.1 million); and Iowa Communications Network maintenance ($2.7 million).  INCREASES funding for water trails and low head dams by $750,000 ($1 million total - last time funded at this level was FY 2017).  RESTORES FY 2021 CUTS by increasing funds for recreational trails by $500,000 ($1.5 million), state park infrastructure by $1 million ($2 million), lake restoration/dredging/water quality projects by $1 million ($9.6 million), railroad revolving loan and grant fund by $500,000 ($1 million), public transit by $1 million ($1.5 million), commercial airports by $900,000 ($1.9 million), and general aviation airports by $350,000 ($1 million).  NEW FUNDS for Eldora dorm renovation ($6.5 million), community forestry to repair damage to tree canopy due to derecho ($250,000), Judicial Branch equipment and furniture ($2.5 million), State Capitol small dome restoration ($5.2 million), web-based reporting system for campaign finance ($500,000), tax system modernization ($4.1 million), new foster care registry to track children in foster care ($350,000), human trafficking hotel/motel training system ($98,000), ChildServe building expansion ($500,000), and $17 million for Workday, Inc. contract.  NO LONGER INCLUDED: renewable fuels infrastructure ($3 million - House expands and appropriates $11 million total in Agriculture & Natural Resources Budget), regional sports authorities ($500,000 moved to Economic Development Budget), and nursing home facility improvements ($500,000).  OTHER: Permits unspent FY 2017 funding allocated to the Polk County Justice Center to be spent on other justice centers.

Recent Action: 5/6 - Passed House (55-35)
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Last Modified: 05/07/2021