Bill Number: HF867
Title: Administration/Regulation Budget (House Version)

Appropriates $150.9 million ($75.8 million increase) to various state agencies.  Adds $100 million to the Office of Chief Information Officer for broadband grants ($95 million increase). Replaces cuts in election funding ($250,000) for Secretary of State. Requires $200,000 of the Gaming Regulatory Revolving Fund in Racing and Gaming Commission to be used for a socioeconomic study on the impact of gambling on Iowans.  No change in funding for Office of Drug Control Policy, Insurance Commissioner, Department of Human Rights (including Office of Deaf Services, Office of Persons with Disabilities, Commission on Status of Women), Safe at Home Program (Secretary of State), and Department of Inspections and Appeals (Abuse Unit moved from Investigations to Health Facilities Division). Language changes: Requires the Auditor of State use his state funds for audit work related to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) until it is completed.  Requires the Iowa Department of Revenue to give the State Appraisal Manual to cities and counties at no cost. For non-partisan staff review:

Status: Sent to Governor
Recent Action: 4/21 - Passed House (55-37) 4/28 - Passed Senate (47-0)


Last Modified: 04/29/2021