Bill Number: HF892
Title: Beverage Container Redemption

Adds canned cocktails & high alcohol beer to deposit law. Allows a grocery store or convenience store ("dealer") to be a redemption center.   Increases the handling fee for redemption centers to two cents until 12/31/26, then returns it to one cent beginning 1/1/27.  Dealers are to pay distributors (when beverages are delivered) 1/2 cent per container for 60% of beverages delivered through 1/1/27.  Allows "dealers" to opt out of redemptions if they have a contract with a redemption center/agent (contracts only allowed if redemption center is within 10 miles of the dealer in counties over 30,000 population, 15 miles for counties below 30,000 population). Dealers that opt out will have to post where people can take redemptions, and the hours redemption center is open. Redemption centers are required to accept all types of containers sold by dealers served by the redemption center and be open for at least 20 hours per week (four of those hours must be between 6-10 pm or on Saturday or Sunday).  Adds civil penalties for stores/dealers that do not comply with redemption law ($2,500 per day, per location), which is deposited into a newly created "Bottle Bill Fund."  Allows the DNR to administratively enforce compliance with the law and allows the AG (upon DNR request) to take civil action. Requires the Legislative Fiscal Committee to review enforcements and civil penalties collected, number of redemption centers and participating dealers are registered, and adequacy of reimbursements. Effective 1/1/2022.

Status: House Floor
Recent Action: 3/4 - Passed House State Government Committee (14-9) 4/21 - Passed House Appropriations Committee 4/28 - Passed House Ways & Means Committee
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Last Modified: 04/29/2021