Bill Number: SF487
Title: State Professions Regulation

States that unregulated professions are only to be restricted in order to protect the public (and not to restrict competition) and legislators considering a bill to regulate these professions are to determine certain conditions exist before proceeding (credible evidence potential for harm exists, public would benefit from regulation, protection cannot be achieved in other ways, and that the option before them is the "least restrictive" option available).  Written reports are required detailing these and other considerations made before passing legislation, as well as before adding more regulations to existing regulated professions. Requires evidence of efficacy for any new CEUs. Requires the state government efficiency review committee to create a schedule for review of approximately one-fifth of all professional licensing and regulation boards each calendar year between 2022 and 2027. Requires the Legislature to act on the recommendations, or the board/professional licensing reviewed will sunset.  Requires the administrative rules review committee to consider certain factors when reviewing an entry regulation. Effective upon enactment.  

Status: House Unfinished Business Calendar
Amendments: Committee Amendment (H1339): Removes automatic sunset of boards (but retains review); eliminates additional reports to be filed for new or revised health care professional regulations (but retains for non-health professions).
Recent Action: 2/24 - Passed Senate State Government Committee (10-5) 3/17 - Passed Senate (30-17) 4/1 - Passed House State Government Committee (12-7, 4 absent)
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Last Modified: 04/17/2021