Bill Number: HF603
Title: Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program

Establishes the sexual assault forensic examiner program in the Attorney General's Office, funded by the Victim Compensation Fund.  The program will maintain a list of SANE/SAE, cross references training with SAFE/International Assn. of Forensic Nurses, Added language to prohibit a pediatic facility from interfering with the activities of a victim counselor. Requires two hours of online training be available to facilities by 7/1/2022 (counts toward CEUs for PA, physicians, ARNPs, APRNs, RNs).  Trainings to be available throughout the state, working in collaboration with Iowa CASA, and IDPH (and to include medical forensics, sexual assault evidence collection, neurobiology of trauma, and related facility policies and procedures).  Working with "qualified medical providers" and Iowa CASA, the AG is to create a list of uniform materials for treatment facilities and FQHCs to provide to give to patients and shall provide technical assistance.  Establishes an advisory committee (AG, Iowa CASA, Board of Nursing, IDPH, "and other constituencies as determined".). Effective 7/1/2021.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 3/9 - Passed House (93-0) 4/7 - Passed Senate (44-0) 5/19 - Signed by Governor


Last Modified: 05/19/2021